Live the dream be your own boss!

Working from someone else sucks right? Its Tiring, Boring, takes up most of your time and worst of all probably doesn’t even pay the bills. It certainly doesn’t afford you the life you want… And that’s even if they allow you to work from home!

What do you do when your doing work? wish you were somewhere else! Its human nature to want to be free to do what you want. Not to be a slave to bills and basically just living to work. You want to change this; you want to break the cycle: you need to get out!

The worst thing about working for someone else is that you possess the most valuable commodity ever: more valuable than any precious metal or diamond. We all have it; yet we underestimate its value. We ether exchange it for Money or we waste it and once its gone it can never be recovered.

If we knew its true value we may not be so willing to trade it: but we might waste it instead. But if we knew how much we had we may not be so willing to waste it.

What is this magic commodity?

Time; you can sell it: but never buy it back. You can buy other peoples but it wont add to your own; That will simply save you yours: as long as you use yours wisely.

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