10 Best Work From Home Jobs in Illinois

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Working from home can be a great opportunity for anyone looking to balance their work and personal life, or for anyone who wants to save on commuting costs. Instead of stressing about finding that perfect job, try creating it instead. Working from home can be a great way to make that happen, especially if you have some computer skills and the drive to succeed in a remote position. Working from home is also becoming a more common practice, with companies hiring remote workers more than ever before. If you’re interested in getting started on this path and seeing what opportunities are available in your area, read on for some great info. These remote jobs will give you the flexibility you need while still paying you a regular salary, benefits and commission as well. Here are the top 10 work-from-home jobs in Illinois:

Web Development

Web development roles are often available in many different industries, so you have a good chance of finding a position that fits your interests and skills. You’ll likely need a bit of experience to land a high-paying job, so this type of work is best for people who have already worked as web developers in a full-time capacity and have some professional experience. As a remote employee, you can expect to earn an average annual salary of about $74,000. Communication is key in any remote job, especially when it comes to deadlines. Make sure to establish expectations with your manager, including details on when you can be expected to meet deadlines. You’ll want to be sure to set a schedule that allows you to finish your work efficiently while also giving you enough time to rest.

Telecommuting Jobs

If you’re looking for a remote position but don’t have any experience, you might want to start with a telecommuting job. Many companies hire employees to work remotely full-time, or on a contract-basis for short-term projects or during busy seasons. You can search for these positions on websites like FlexJobs, where you can filter for positions that you’d be interested in. You’ll likely have to apply for a telecommuting job like any other job, and you can expect to go through a similar interview process with these employers. You might also have to get a background check and/or a reference check. You can also look for telecommuting-only positions on job boards like Indeed, which will show you all of the available positions that allow you to work remotely.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you have a background in a variety of fields and want to become a full-time virtual assistant (VA), there are plenty of remote jobs available to help you do that. VA jobs allow you to set your own schedule and aren’t limited to a specific industry, which makes it a flexible remote job that many employers are looking for. Make sure to highlight your skills and what makes you a good fit for this type of work in your resume and cover letter. You can also search for “virtual assistant” on job boards to find remote and on-site job openings.

Video Game Tester

Video game testers don’t have to just live in California or Texas anymore. Remote testing opportunities are popping up all over the country, including Illinois. While you won’t be playing games all day, you will be tasked with testing software, apps and websites to make sure they’re working properly. Many companies will also pair you with a specific product category and ask you to provide feedback on how to improve the experience. Make sure to apply for video game testing jobs early. Most companies receive a ton of applications and hire only a handful of people. You’ll want to make sure you stand out from the crowd by including a well-written cover letter and resume.

Words Typing Jobs

Let your fingers do the talking with a words typing job. You can find remote work typing blog posts, articles, books and more for a variety of clients. You might need some experience to land this type of position, and many companies also require you to have a fast typing speed. You can often earn decent money as a words typing worker, but it won’t be a full-time job unless you get really busy. Some companies hire words typing workers on a per-hour or per-post basis, while others hire you on a contract basis for a set amount of work. You can also look for work on an online platform like Fiverr, where you can find individual clients who are looking for help creating content.

Online Teaching Position

If you hold a degree in any type of subject or are currently pursuing a degree, you might want to look into becoming an online instructor. Remote teaching jobs allow you to create your own schedule, which is great for people with other obligations like a full-time job or a side hustle. You can often find teaching jobs with flexible hours, like evenings or weekends. You might want to consider becoming certified to become an online instructor. A lot of companies require their instructors to be certified in their subject areas. You can find certification programs on websites like Udemy and Coursera.

Blogger/Content Writer

Whether you specialize in travel, finance, parenting or another subject, you can find remote blogging and writing jobs in Illinois and across the country. You’ll likely need some experience writing for an audience, but the level of your experience doesn’t matter as long as you can write well. Many blogging and content writing jobs pay per article or per word, which makes it a flexible source of income if you can produce content quickly. You can find remote blogging and content writing jobs on websites like Upwork and Remote. You can also find opportunities on job boards like Indeed and on websites like Craigslist where you can filter for remote positions only.

Marketer and PR Professional

Marketers and PR professionals often work remotely, especially if they work in social media. You can find opportunities across industries, from beauty products to restaurants and everything in between. You can find remote marketing jobs on websites like Upwork, or you can look for positions on job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. You can also find opportunities on websites like Craigslist, where you can filter for remote jobs only.


Working from home can be a great opportunity for anyone, but it is important to make sure you choose a type of work that is reliable and can make a good living. If you are interested in working from home, use this guide to explore some great remote jobs in Illinois.

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