The Top 5 Remote HR Jobs You Can Find Online: freelance remote hr jobs

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So you’re ready to explore remote work and HR as a profession? If so, great! It’s an exciting time to be in HR. The field is changing rapidly and opportunities are abundant. There are numerous remote HR jobs available today — from virtual assistants to data scientists and everything in between. Remote work has become more common and accepted than ever before thanks to the prevalence of chat apps like Slack, video conferencing like Zoom, and collaboration software such as Google Drive. As a result, many professionals are choosing to ditch their desk job for something more flexible that gives them more freedom. These days jobs that can be done remotely are abundant but it requires some creativity to find them. So we’ve compiled a list of the top remote HR jobs you can find online (and probably in your backyard).

HR Data Scientist

If you’re an HR data scientist, you’re likely to be very data-driven. You’ll be able to look at data and make sense of it, which means you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your team and what you can do to improve it. This role is all about data analysis. You’ll be collecting data from internal systems and compiling it in a way that’s useful and can be acted on. This will include everything from employee satisfaction and engagement to recruitment numbers. You’ll work closely with the rest of the HR team to make sure the information is accurate and up to date. You’ll be working remotely and using software to store and analyse data. Depending on your company and its needs, you may need to be computer-savvy and know your way around a code editor.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re interested in remote work but don’t have a specific HR skill, consider a career as a virtual assistant. This is a great entry-level position for those just starting out in the world of remote work. Being a virtual assistant means you’ll likely be doing a variety of different tasks for different clients. This can include anything from booking travel and managing calendars to transcribing and organizing data. As a virtual assistant you’ll need to be comfortable juggling a bunch of different tasks and being flexible. You will likely be managing your own schedule and clients, as a result you’ll need to be organized and proactive. Working as a VA will require you to be able to perform a variety of different tasks. You’ll likely be using a variety of different tools and programs to help you get your work done.

Remote HR Writer

HR is full of jargon and acronyms. If you’re an HR writer, you’ll be tasked with taking the complicated and making it clear and concise. As a remote HR writer, you’ll likely be writing up policies and procedures as well as communicating with employees. Writing is one of the most common remote jobs. As an HR writer you’ll be tasked with communicating company policies, benefits, and anything else HR related. This means writing up employee handbooks, policies, and procedures. You’ll be writing for both internal and external audiences. You’ll likely be working for a company that has a blog. If not, you can pitch your editor ideas for guest posts or joining the team. A blog is a great way for organizations to communicate and educate their employees.

Remote Employee Experience Manager

The employee experience (or lack thereof) is having a major impact on retention and engagement. As a result, companies are investing heavily in improving the experience of being an employee. This remote HR job is focused on improving the employee experience. You’ll be tasked with creating and implementing employee surveys, focus groups, and other tools to help collect data and gauge the experience of being an employee. As an employee experience manager, you’ll be tasked with improving the experience of being an employee. This can include everything from improving communication to creating more flexible work arrangements. You’ll need to collect data to determine what can be done to improve the experience and how it will impact the company’s bottom line.

Remote Research Analyst

The remote HR job of research analyst can be focused on a variety of different areas. You can specialize in a specific industry or function or you can be a generalist. A research analyst role can be based in any number of industries. The key is to understand who your audience is and what data they need. As a research analyst you’ll be tasked with finding and analyzing data relevant to your field. This can include everything from customer satisfaction polls to internal data. You’ll be responsible for interpreting the data and presenting it in a way that’s useful to your company. As a remote research analyst, you’ll likely spend time in the field collecting data. Depending on your industry, you may be required to travel to different locations to collect data directly from customers.


If you’ve been thinking about transitioning to remote work or exploring a new opportunity, now is the perfect time to do so. These top remote HR jobs are just a few examples of the many different types of positions that can be done remotely. As a remote worker, you’ll likely be self-disciplined and able to manage your own time. You’ll also need to be comfortable communicating online. Whether that’s through a group chat app or email, remote workers need to be comfortable communicating without face-to-face interactions. If you’d like to learn more about remote work and what it’s like, check out our guide to remote work. And if you’re ready to find a remote job, you can use our remote job search tool to start your search now.

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