Five Alternatives to Fiverr: The Best Sites to Sell Your Creative Services

Fiverr has become something of a joke among the freelance community. It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories about getting ripped off on a Fiverr gig or even get offered them as services in another freelance market. With that in mind, let’s look at some alternatives to Fiverr where you can sell your creative services without getting ripped off. There are plenty of sites out there for selling your services, and here are five of the best alternatives to Fiverr that we think you’ll love working with. is the largest website on this list, but it’s certainly not the least. They have more than 15 million members, and their company is based out of Australia. Freelancer has been around since 2005, and they are now one of the best known options for freelancers looking to sell their services online. One of the best features of Freelancer is that they have a lot of jobs available on their site. If you want to find consistent work, Freelancer is the best option on this list. Freelancer is also well-known for their quick payment system. Many freelancers have complained about the long payment times on other marketplaces for selling services online. Freelancer has a quick and easy payment system that doesn’t require any long or drawn out verification processes.

Upwork is another large website for people looking to sell their services online. It’s been around since 2005, and it’s been owned by the same company since 2016. Upwork is another one of the top freelance websites that is well known for having a lot of jobs on their site. If you want to find consistent work and are able to handle the level of competition on the site, Upwork is a good option to consider. Another thing that makes Upwork attractive to freelancers is that they have quick payment times. They’re known for paying their freelancers quickly and they have a low threshold for payment. This means that you’ll get paid as soon as you hit your payment threshold. If you choose to work with Upwork, be ready to get paid quickly!

Creative Bay

Creative Bay is a website that was built by a freelancer for freelancers. It’s a new option for selling your services online and it’s designed to cut out the middlemen and give freelancers more control over the price and amount of work you get. You can choose your own price for your services, and you can also create your own job listings if you don’t see anything that fits your needs. Creative Bay is a bit different from the other sites on this list, but it’s an attractive alternative to Fiverr for a lot of freelancers. The site is still fairly new, but it has a lot of potential. If you’re interested in selling your services on a site that values quality over quick and easy work, Creative Bay might be right for you.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a service that is best suited to designers and those who are highly skilled in creative industries. It’s a website that is designed to connect people who are looking for quick, cheap work with people who are willing to do that work for low wages. If you’re willing to do lower-quality work and can produce it quickly, you might be a good fit for this site. People Per Hour is best suited to people who want to do quick and easy work for a small amount of money. This isn’t a good place for those who are looking for consistent work or long-term projects. If you’re looking for something quick and easy that can help you get a few extra dollars in your pocket, this is a good website to consider.

Fiverr Alternatives: Expert Review

Expert Review is a website that gives you the ability to review products and get paid for it. If you’re not a creative person who is looking to sell your services, this is a good option for you. Expert Review pays between $5 and $150 per review, with the average being around $15 per review. You have to write a review that meets their guidelines, and you have to be honest about your review. This site is a great way to get started in the freelance world without sacrificing your integrity. You’ll be expected to write about a wide variety of products, so you’ll be able to build a portfolio quickly.

Fiverr Alternatives: Summing it all up

If you’re looking for a way to earn money from home, you can do so by selling your creative services on one of the freelance websites listed above. All of these sites offer a wide range of services and products, so you should be able to find something that you’re interested in selling. Whether you’re a designer, a writer, or someone who has another creative skill, these sites are the best Fiverr alternatives you’ll find.

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