How to Get a Refund from ClickBank: 3 Fail Proof Steps: clickbank phone number for refunds

ClickBank is a digital market place for selling digital products like e-books, audio books, video courses and software. Anyone can register with ClickBank as an affiliate marketer to promote the products of others and earn commission on every sale. Fortunately, if you buy a product from ClickBank and are not satisfied with your purchase, you are eligible for a refund. Here’s how to get a refund from ClickBank: Recalls happen from time to time in any business environment. Unfortunately, that also means that some products might have some issues or flaws. A defective product is something that the manufacturer cannot continue selling due to the negative effects it may have on the consumers who use it. Keeping this in mind, let’s dive into the details about getting a refund from ClickBank!

What to Know Before You Request A Refund From ClickBank

There are a few things that you need to know before you request a refund from ClickBank. First of all, you must be aware of your rights as a consumer. You can request a refund from a company within 14 days of purchase only if the product is defective. If your product is not defective and you have used it as per the instructions, you cannot get a refund. You must be aware that the product you buy online is not like a product that you see in a store. It is just a product that you ordered and that you have to receive it in a certain amount of time. It does not have the same guarantee that you would get if you bought a product in a store. When you buy a product from a store, you have the option to take it back and exchange it for another product if it is not working properly.

How to Get a Refund from ClickBank?

If you are not satisfied with the product that you have purchased from ClickBank, and you have less than 30 days left on your refund policy, you can request a refund from the seller. If you have more than 30 days left on your policy, you will have to contact ClickBank to get a refund. If you have less than 7 days left on the refund policy you cannot request a refund. You can get a refund from ClickBank in two ways – By contacting the seller and asking for a refund or by contacting ClickBank and filing a refund request.

How to request a refund from ClickBank?

To request a refund from ClickBank, you will have to create a ticket in the “Support” section of their website. Make sure you are logged in when creating the ticket so they can see your account details. There are a few things that you need to include in your ticket – Your contact details, date of purchase, date of payment, product description, and reason for requesting a refund. Make sure you choose the “Refund” option from the drop-down menu.

Can you get a refund from Clickbank without a reason?

You can certainly get a refund from ClickBank without a reason. However, a reason for your refund request is always recommended. It will speed up your refund process. If you have not received the product yet, make sure you add a note indicating that you have not received it yet. If you have received the product, make sure you say that the product is not working or is not what you wanted. If you have a good reason for your refund request, then the seller or ClickBank will likely give you a full refund with no questions asked.


A refund request should be a last-resort option, especially if the seller might have a good reason for your refund. It is always better to first contact the seller and try to solve the problem. After all, you are getting a product for free, so it’s only fair that you try to be helpful and make the seller’s job easier. If you have tried contacting the seller and you still have not received an answer or a solution to your problem, you can always contact ClickBank with your refund request. That way, you will know that you have exhausted all possible ways of getting your money back. In any case, you definitely need to be careful when making purchases on ClickBank. Always read the product description carefully, and make sure you are buying something that works for you.

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