Get A Good Name On Fiverr, The Place To Find Free design work: best logo designers on fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can find freelancers who are willing to do almost any small task for $5. These tasks are called gigs, and you can browse through them by category based on what you need. And one of the most important things in your success on Fiverr is your username. This is because potential customers will only be able to find you if they know the name you’ve chosen for your profile. If you want to succeed on Fiverr, it is essential that you get a good username right off the bat. Here are some tips on how to choose an awesome name and increase your chances of success as a freelancer on Fiverr:

Create a short and sweet username

Your username is the most important part of your Fiverr profile, so why not make it perfect from the get-go? Your username should be short, sweet, and memorable. Keep in mind that your username will appear in the search bar on the Fiverr website, so keep it short enough that it won’t get cut off. And try to make it something memorable and easy to understand. If you have a specific niche or expertise, add that to your username. For example, if you’re a designer who specializes in logo design, add “logo designer” to your username.

Use your own name

You want your Fiverr profile to be professional, but you don’t want to use a fake name. If you want to use a real name, it’s probably a good idea to use your first name. After all, this is the name that you want your customers to be first introduced to. Out of all the options you can use for your username, your own name is the most professional and trustworthy.

Come up with a few ideas beforehand

There are tons of options for your Fiverr username. You might be able to think of a perfect name, but once you start typing, you might second-guess yourself. Because there are so many options, you may have difficulty choosing a name. To get around this, come up with a few different ideas beforehand. Then, once you’ve signed up for a Fiverr account, you can choose between your top options.

Don’t use numbers or hyphens

If you’re trying to create a memorable username, don’t put a number in front of it, and don’t use a hyphen. Although numbers and hyphens can be effective, they can also be overused and make your username less memorable. You don’t want to put a number in front of your name because this may imply that you’re part of a team. You want to be seen as an individual freelancer. If you use a number, people may think that you’re a team that has numbers in its name. If you use a hyphen, people may think that you are a team or that you are part of another company.

Don’t use slang words or abbreviations

Slang words like “dawg,” “bae,” and “peep” are used by lots of people for their Fiverr usernames. But if you want to stand out, you don’t want to use these words. Similarly, you shouldn’t use abbreviations like “lol” or “idk.” These words are too common, and they don’t show any personality or professionalism. A lot of people use these words and abbreviations, which means they’re overused and not very memorable.

Get help from friends and followers

Ask your friends and followers for advice on what to name your Fiverr profile. They might have ideas that you never would have thought of on your own. This can be a great way to get some help and come up with some new ideas for your name. Ask them to keep their ideas at the level of simplicity. This means that they shouldn’t be complicated or contain any slang.


If you want to succeed on Fiverr, getting a good username is essential. Your username should be short, sweet, and memorable. You can come up with a few different ideas beforehand, and then choose between them once you’ve signed up for a Fiverr account. Once you’ve chosen a username, make sure to use it consistently throughout your Fiverr profile.

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