11 Freelance Home-Based Jobs You Can Do From the Comfort of Home

When it comes to a career, most people look for something that feels exciting, challenging and rewarding. In today’s world, working from home as a freelancer is one of the most common alternatives. It offers flexibility, financial security as well as other perks like being your own boss. Plus, with technology at our fingertips, you can work from just about anywhere. However, when it comes to choosing the right freelance job for you there are many things to take into consideration before taking the plunge and becoming your own boss. Here are 11 freelance home-based jobs that you can do from the comfort of home.

Content Writing

If you are a writer by trade, content writing is one of the best freelance home-based jobs you can do. You can write blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, ebooks, and web content. You can also ghost-write books and papers for students. You can specialize in a particular niche like sports, travel, parenting, etc. You can also get hired to write for companies’ marketing materials, websites, and social media posts. Many companies hire remote workers for content writing because it is cheaper for them. You can make about $10 per hour as a content writer.

Virtual Assistants

If you have a knack for organization and enjoy helping others, being a virtual assistant might be the perfect job for you. Being a virtual assistant means that you act like an administrative assistant for a company that doesn’t have an in-house assistant. You can help book flights, make appointments, manage calendars, and manage client calls and emails. To become a virtual assistant you need to have a degree in administration, have administrative skills and be well versed in computer programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You can make between $10 and $20 per hour as a virtual assistant.

Online Teaching

If you have a lot of experience in a particular subject, you can make a career out of being an online professor. A lot of universities and online education platforms are offering online courses, and there is a high demand for experienced professors. If you teach in a subject like business, marketing, accounting, maths, programming, or humanities, you can get hired as an online professor. You can make between $10 and $25 per hour as an online professor. You can also apply to become a tutor for the online tutoring platforms like, Chegg Tutors and


Blogging is one of the best freelance home-based jobs you can do. You can write about anything under the sun from business, travel, parenting, fashion, sports, relationships, and many more. You can also write about topics like health, finance, gadgets and food. There are many blogging platforms like WordPress and Medium. You can also create a website and start your own blog. You can make between $5 and $50 per article as a blogger. The more you write, the more your salary will go up.

Video Editing and Animation

Do you have skills in video editing and animation? If yes, you can make a career out of it as a freelance video editor. You can work for production companies, TV channels and websites. You can also create your own YouTube channel and start uploading videos. Being a video editor or an animator is a good freelance home-based job. On average, you can make between $15 and $60 per hour as a video editor or animator.

Transcription Services

If you have good listening skills and know how to use a dictation software, you can make a career out of being a transcriptionist. You can work for law firms, media companies and the government. You can make between $10 and $25 per hour.

Graphic Design

Do you have skills in graphic design? If yes, it can be one of the best freelance home-based jobs you can do. You can work for companies that are looking for logo designs, website designs, business cards, posters, and banners. You can also create designs for social media posts or advertisements. You can make between $10 and $40 per hour as a freelance graphic designer.


Becoming a freelancer is an exciting prospect, but it’s important to make sure you choose a field that’s feasible for working from home. With the list above, you can find a freelance home-based job that’s a great fit for you.

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