The Best Affiliate Programs That Pay You Per Click: affiliate programs that pay per click

Creating a successful affiliate marketing campaign takes time, effort, and research on your part. You need to find an affiliate program that fits your audience and meets your needs as an influencer. There are thousands of companies who partner with affiliates to drive traffic to their website, blog, or social media pages. But not all of them pay you per click or commission on sales. Some only pay you when someone fills out a form, purchases something, or signs up for their newsletter. These details might seem small, but they make a big difference in how much money you actually earn from any given partnership. So before committing to an affiliate program, here are some details to look for:

What is the payout per click?

The first thing to look at is the rate of pay per click. You might be offered $5 per click on one site, and $10 on another. It all depends on the affiliate program and the partnership. This is a big detail because it influences how many sales you need to make to make a living off the affiliate program. If a site only pays you $0.50 per click, you need to make at least $50 per sale. That’s not easy, especially if you’re in a competitive space. But if a site pays $5 per click, you only need to make $1 per sale to turn a profit. ​

How much do you earn on a sale?

The next thing to look at is how much you earn on a sale. This is probably the most important detail to consider when finding an affiliate program. The reason being is that a lot of affiliate programs have high payouts per click, but low commission on each sale. In other words, you’ll need to make a lot of sales to actually make any money. But if you find a program that offers a low payout per click, but a high commission on each sale, you can earn a lot more with less effort. ​ Many affiliate programs offer anywhere from 3-16% on each sale. Some are even higher, especially if you’re promoting luxury items or high-ticket items. If you’re selling a product or service with a high commission, that’s a good sign. It means you can earn a lot more money per sale, compared to lower paying affiliate programs. ​

What is the condition of their audience?

This might sound a little weird, but bear with us. The condition of the affiliate program’s audience can play a role in how successful the partnership will be. For example, if you’re promoting a site that sells fitness products and is targeted towards professional athletes, you won’t make much money. That’s because the majority of their audience is probably other professional athletes and people who work out. They aren’t the ones who need fitness products. They can go to their local sports store and buy them there. ​ If, however, you find an affiliate program that sells fitness products for regular people, your chances of making money are much higher. These people are more likely to buy fitness equipment online. They also have the funds to do so. So if you find an affiliate program that has a large audience of middle-class consumers, you’re in a much better position to make money. ​

Who is your target audience?

You might have a huge following on social media, but that doesn’t mean you can promote everything. It’s important to choose affiliate programs that have products that your audience actually needs. If you have a blog geared towards moms, you don’t want to promote affiliate products that aren’t useful to a mom’s daily life. If you’re a mom blogger and you want to make money with affiliate marketing, try to find affiliate programs that sell products that moms need to incorporate into their daily lives. ​ For example, if you’re a mom blogger who wants to make money with affiliate marketing, you might consider promoting grocery delivery services. Many moms have busy schedules and don’t have time to shop for groceries. So if you promote a grocery delivery service, you’re promoting a need that many moms have. ​

Can you integrate and promote with ease?

You want to find an affiliate program that is easy to integrate into your website or social media pages. If the company has a system that allows you to choose your own banners, images, and text, that’s a good sign. If they have a system in place where you just cut and paste their code into your website, that’s even better. If a company requires you to modify your website code before you can embed their banners, it’s not worth your time. ​ An affiliate program that has a difficult or time-consuming system to integrate is probably not worth your time. It’s better to look for a program that is easy to integrate. Another thing to look for is the amount of support you get from the company. If they make it easy to integrate their banners and links, but don’t offer support or assistance with coding, find another program. ​

Bottom line

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online with little to no start-up costs. However, finding the right affiliate programs can be a challenge. Before you sign up for any affiliate program, make sure it checks all the boxes. Make sure it pays per click, has a high commission on sales, and is promoted to the right audience. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to find a profitable affiliate marketing program in no time.

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