Remote Jobs in NYC: What You Need to Know

In today’s economy, remote work opportunities are on the rise. According to a study from the International Working Association, 43% of workers will be telecommuters by 2020. If you’re looking for a remote job in NYC to accommodate your lifestyle, this article is for you! If you’ve been keeping tabs on the job market lately, you know that many companies offer remote work opportunities as an incentive for prospective employees. In fact, some companies are so focused on telecommuting that they post roles exclusively with that requirement listed. These remote jobs in NYC might just be what you’re looking for! Keep reading to learn more and see if any of these opportunities are right for you.

What does remote work actually mean?

Remote work is any job done outside of an office. Most people think of it as working from home, but it could also mean working from a coffee shop, a coworking space, or from an airplane (for really long flights, of course!). Remote work is growing in popularity for a few reasons. One, it offers a lot of flexibility for workers with families or other scheduling needs. Two, it gives employees more control over their daily environment and schedule. And three, research shows that productivity levels don’t change whether employees are working in an office or remotely.

How to find remote jobs in NYC

Before you start applying to remote positions, you’ll want to make sure that you’re equipped to work remotely. Remote work is very different from office work, so you’ll need to make sure that you have the right tools and environment to succeed. And don’t forget to research your prospective employers! Remote work is very common, but that doesn’t mean that all remote jobs are made equally. You’ll want to look for employers who provide their remote workers with the tools needed to be successful, such as ample training, technical resources, and a good work-life balance. If you’ve got those things squared away, you can start applying! There are tons of remote job boards, but a few of the most popular are, WeWorkRemotely, and Hubstaff Jobs.

9 Remote Jobs in NYC That Are Currently Hiring

– E-commerce Manager – One of the most flexible roles on this list, this position allows remote work in almost any industry. You’ll be in charge of overseeing a team of merchants and product managers, but the work you do, your hours, and the tools you use are all up to you. – Content Curator – This remote job in NYC involves curating content across several social media platforms and company newsletters. You’ll also be responsible for creating original content when it’s needed. The hours are flexible, and the position is remote. – Content Writer – If you’re a wordsmith by heart, this remote job in NYC is the perfect fit. You’ll write blog posts, emails, and anything else that your employer needs written. – Data Scientist – If you have a background in analytics, data science is the perfect remote job for you. This position requires you to use data to solve business problems and create models that predict future outcomes. You’ll work remotely from any location. – Data Architect – This role has a few similarities to data science, but it’s a different job entirely. Data architects create and manage the data storage for their organization. This remote job in NYC requires a background in software engineering and knowledge of data modeling. – Digital Marketing Manager – The research shows that remote work helps productivity, but it also impacts the way people approach their job. In this remote job in NYC, you’ll be charged with implementing the company’s digital marketing strategy. – Digital Marketing Specialist – A specialist is the entry-level position in marketing, so this remote job in NYC is a fantastic stepping stone. You’ll support the digital marketing manager by creating content, managing campaigns, and analyzing data. – Growth Marketer – If you’ve been a specialist for a while, this position is the next step in a growth career. You’ll take a holistic approach to marketing, analyzing data for each channel and optimizing for growth. – Growth Engineer – If you’re looking for remote jobs in NYC that are highly technical, this is the role for you. You’ll be responsible for scaling and improving the company’s tech infrastructure. – Product Manager – Working remotely isn’t just for marketing folks — product managers can benefit from the flexibility as well. This remote job in NYC manages the company’s roadmap and product development. – Sales Manager – In this remote job in NYC, you’ll oversee the company’s sales team and help them thrive. You’ll be responsible for setting goals, managing the team, and helping the company close deals.

3 Tips for Finding Remote Work in NYC

– Stand Out From The Crowd – If you want to stand out in an online application, focus on making your resume effective. Make sure that your resume is formatted correctly, and use action verbs to describe your accomplishments. Your resume is your first chance to make an impression, so don’t miss this opportunity. – Get Social – Social media is crucial for finding remote work in NYC, and it’s not just for posting job applications! Join networking groups, follow remote jobs on Twitter, and get involved in the remote working community. You’ll find a lot of helpful advice and connections that can lead to remote work. – Be Flexible – Remote work isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. You might need to apply to a bunch of different jobs before finding the right one for you. Be patient, and don’t get discouraged! Remote work is a great option for many people, but it takes time to find the right opportunity.


Remote work is on the rise, and with good reason – it allows employees to work from home, coffee shops, airplanes, or wherever else they want to work, providing them with much-needed flexibility. Though remote work can feel challenging at times, it’s worth it to be able to make your own schedule and work in a comfortable environment. If you’re looking for a remote job in NYC, make sure you’re well-equipped for the work, research your prospective employers, and be flexible. With hard work and these tips in mind, you’re sure to find a remote job that you love!

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