What Is A HotelsCombined Affiliate?

Instantly grown and on a world-wide scale, hotelscombined is among the top 10 travel websites. What makes it even more interesting is that hotelsCombined is an affiliate network – a set of suppliers that register their services with the network and get paid whenever a user clicks on their link and books via that site. Combined affiliates invest in high-value traffic sources such as Google, social media influencers and partners, email marketing, online display ads, SEO and content marketing to drive traffic to their website. Combined affiliates should have in-depth knowledge of their target audience, competitors’ strategies and booking trends. They can also partner with other third party networks to access new markets. Combined affiliates are required to share detailed reports of all performance indicators monthly: Unique visitors; New visitors; Returning visitors; Conversion rate; Average bookings per visit; Average basket value per visitor; Search engine keywords Performance indicators by country/region or any other segmentation that might be relevant to monitor performance at a local level .

HotelsCombined Affiliate Program

HotelsCombined has a tiered commission structure that is based on the volume of sales made via affiliate links. At the time of writing, the commission rate is 10%-35% for bookings from the US, Canada and the UK. Combined has a very generous affiliate program that rewards affiliates not just for sales but for clicks as well. All sales made within 14 days of clicking on an affiliate link (the booking window) are credited to that affiliate. The combined commission is payable on the sale amount less any amount charged to the affiliate to promote the offer. The commission rates are 10% on the first $15,000, 15% on the next $15,000, 20% on the next $45,000 and 35% on any amount over $75,000. The commission rates are 10% on the first $10,000, 15% on the next $10,000, 20% on the next $30,000 and 35% on any amount over $40,000. The commission rates are 10% on the first $5,000, 15% on the next $5,000, 20% on the next $15,000 and 35% on any amount over $20,000.

Benefits of Becoming a HotelsCombined Affiliate

As an affiliate, you can set up a digital marketing strategy for HotelsCombined without any investment. To start, you can drive traffic to the site by creating content about the site, its benefits and its features. The more content you create and the better you are at promoting it, the more clicks you will get from users and the more you will earn. Affiliates can also take advantage of HotelsCombined’s robust affiliate program and promote their links via email marketing campaigns, social media posts and paid ads. This will help them increase their Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CR) which are critical metrics to measure the performance of your affiliate strategy.

How to Become a HotelsCombined Affiliate?

To join the HotelsCombined affiliate network, you will have to fill out an application. Once approved, you will have access to the affiliate tools through which you can publish your links. You will also have access to the affiliate portal where you can track your performance and get paid. Sign Up – Go to HotelsCombined and click on “Sign Up”. You will be led through the process of creating your account. Fill out the Application – Once your account is created, you can click on “Affiliate” to fill out the application. Select your country of operation – Select your country of operation. Select your payment account – Select your preferred payment account.

How to Promote HotelsCombined?

Continue to build your online presence by creating quality content related to the travel industry. You can also use social media to create a buzz around your affiliate link. Post your affiliate link in relevant Facebook groups, on Twitter, on Reddit and on other forums. You can also share your affiliate link in the comments section of travel blogs and on YouTube videos that discuss travel tips and deals. Use different variations of your affiliate link so that you get maximum exposure. Join Facebook groups and travel forums where people discuss travel, hotels and destinations. You can also join Instagram groups and engage with influencers and travel bloggers. You can also use paid marketing channels such as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords or Display Ads. Make sure you track and report the performance of these channels so that you can make necessary adjustments to increase your overall conversion rate.

Negatives of Being a HotelsCombined Affiliate

Affiliate marketing requires an ongoing and long-term commitment. Your blog or website should have a sizeable audience to drive traffic. If you are just starting out, you might find it difficult to attract enough traffic to your affiliate links. Affiliate marketing also requires you to have a sound knowledge of your audience’s behavior and their expectations. You should know where your audience likes to be engaged, what content they prefer and at what frequency they need it. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a long-term business model and you need to be patient and consistent. Remember that affiliate marketing is not an event, it’s a process.


This article discusses what is a hotelscombined affiliate, the hotelscombined affiliate program and how to become a hotelscombined affiliate. Affiliates can earn a considerable income from hotelscombined by driving targeted traffic to their website. Affiliates can also promote their links via email marketing campaigns, social media posts and paid ads.

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