6 Best Universal Remotes To Buy That Work With Any TV: can a universal remote work on any tv

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We have an array of entertainment devices in our home, each with their own remote control. That’s a lot of remote controls to keep track of! Keeping all these remote controls straight can feel like a game of Where’s Waldo, but luckily universal remotes are the answer to your button-hunting woes. Universal remotes are programmable devices that you can use to operate multiple electronic devices from a single point. They allow you to streamline and simplify your remote experience so you don’t have to search for the right remote every time you want to change inputs or channels.

What to Look for in a Universal Remote

There are quite a few features that make for a good universal remote. Keep these in mind when shopping for one so you can make sure you’re getting the best remote for your home entertainment system. Universal remotes are generally designed to work with a variety of brands, but it’s also helpful to know which particular models they’re designed to work with as well. While a universal remote can be used to control anything from a TV to an Apple TV, it works best with similar brands. Programming: Different people in different rooms will want to control different devices. A great remote can be programmed to operate multiple devices with the push of a button. You’ll also want to make sure the remote can program macros, which are series of programmed commands that operate like one long command. A quick and easy macro can be a lifesaver when you’re in a rush. Remote codes: How do you know if a remote is universal? Universal remotes are designed to be programmed with a device’s remote code. If you don’t have a remote code, you can usually find one on the device’s box.

Learning remotes

If you’re an old-school type who prefers a physical button to a digital one, there are remote controls that you can learn, just like other devices. You can find remotes with a button for learning programmed buttons from your other remotes. These remotes make it easy to transfer your favorite channel or volume settings from your old remote to a new one.

Touch screen remotes

Sometimes the best solution is also the most obvious one. If you’re sick of missing your favorite shows because your rabbit-ear antenna is faulty, or you’re tired of your toddler pressing the volume button and blasting the house, a touchscreen remote might be what you need. Touchscreen remotes are the obvious solution to any device that’s a little finicky with its remote control. Touchscreen remotes are often built with entertainment in mind. You can find touchscreen remotes with apps that will let you stream content straight from your device to your TV. If you like to binge-watch but hate having to reach for your remote control every time you have to change the input, a touchscreen remote is an obvious choice.

Voice-controlled remotes

If you like the idea of a touchscreen remote but can’t seem to get the hang of the touch button, a voice-activated remote is your next best option. Voice-controlled remotes come with features like digital assistants and the ability to control your home entertainment system without a single click. Voice-controlled remotes are perfect for busy parents and people who want to keep their hands free while they’re cooking or cleaning. You can also use your voice to program the remote to work with your smart home devices, meaning your remote can even turn off your lights for you.

Cord-free remotes

If you find yourself tied to your couch by your TV remote, a cord-free remote might be your best bet. These remotes are designed to be used from anywhere in the room. You can find cord-free remotes in a number of different styles. There are standard remotes designed with an infrared sensor that can be used from anywhere in the room. There are also handheld remotes designed with a sensor that can be used from anywhere in the room. If you like the idea of a handheld remote but don’t want to use the sensor function, you can opt for a model with a clip, allowing you to keep your remote in your pocket while you use it.

Final Words: Which universal remote should you buy?

Every remote is different, and while they all have a few similar features, they’re all designed to do different things. It’s important to keep in mind exactly what you’re trying to accomplish when choosing a remote. All of these remotes are designed to simplify your remote experience, but they all go about it in different ways. The best universal remote for your home depends on your own personal TV viewing habits and which devices you use most often. Keep these features in mind as you shop for a new remote. The best universal remote is the one that works best for you.

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