The Ultimate Guide to Finding Remote Nursing Jobs, Even If You’re New to the Industry: nurse remote jobs near me

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In today’s challenging job market, it can be hard to find employee-friendly companies willing to accommodate your remote work needs. Even experienced and connected professionals with remote work experience may find it challenging to locate remote jobs in the nursing field. But there are some great places to look for remote openings as a nurse. This blog post will give you insight into how you can get your resume out there and land a remote job as a nurse.

What is a remote job?

A remote job is one that can be performed without the employer requiring you to be present in the office or on-site. This could be because of the nature of the work, or it could be due to the employer’s need to better accommodate the needs of their employees. Remote work is not a new concept, but it is growing in popularity as a way to create happier, more productive employees. It can also reduce employee turnover, as many people prefer working remotely over the traditional office setting. Remote jobs can be full-time or part-time, and come with varying levels of benefits and flexibility. In the nursing field, remote jobs can be found in many different areas, from medical transcription to nurse management.

How to find remote nursing jobs

– Seek out companies with a history of remote work – While you may find remote employment in almost any industry, there are a few industries where remote work is particularly common. These include IT, writing, and the healthcare industry, including nursing. Look for companies with a history of supporting remote work and a strong track record of doing so. These are the ones that will be most likely to hire remote workers in the future. – Look for job boards with a focus on remote work – There are a few job boards focused on connecting remote workers with employers seeking them. These include websites like and We Work Remotely. – Look for remote jobs on general job boards – While you may not find as many remote jobs on general job boards, you can still find opportunities in both nursing and other industries. This can be a good place to start if you’re either brand new to the job search, or you’re looking for a variety of options to better inform your decisions. – Network with your colleagues and find out who they work for – Nursing has a strong reputation for being a collaborative profession, and you may be able to tap into this network to find remote work. Ask your colleagues who they work for, whether they work remotely and if they would be able to pass on your resume to their employer. – Ask your hospital administrators or nursing supervisors if they have any recommendations – You can also approach your hospital administrators or nursing supervisors to see if they have any recommendations. While this may not lead to a remote job immediately, they may know of employers who are hiring and can pass your resume along to them. – Use nursing-focused websites and discussion boards – Nursing job boards are also a great place to look for remote work. Keep in mind that these job boards may not be as popular as general job boards, but they may be able to offer you more focused results. – Find out what your licensure allows – Part of your remote job search should include researching your state’s licensure rules. Be sure to find out what your licensure allows and what you are able to do remotely. This will give you a better idea of what remote jobs you may be able to pursue, as some jobs will require more face-to-face interaction than others. – Consider traveling or contract work – Depending on where you live, you may be able to find remote work as a traveling nurse or contract nurse. These jobs offer a great deal of flexibility and may be a good choice for nurses who have families to support. – Consider a hybrid model – If you are looking for a more traditional job that has a remote element to it, you can try to find a job that is a hybrid between remote work and on-site work. For example, a healthcare organization might want a nurse manager who can work remotely but make occasional trips to the facilities they are managing. This can give you the option to work remotely some of the time, but also be present when necessary.

Remote job requirements for nurses

When searching for remote nursing jobs, you’ll find that your licensure will be the biggest barrier. In most cases, you’ll need some type of face-to-face interaction with patients, even if it’s just an occasional visit. – If you’re looking for full-time work, most states require that you be available to meet your patients in person at least once every two weeks. In many cases, this can be done via video call or telemedicine, but it is something to keep in mind. – If you’re working as a travel nurse or contract nurse, you may not be required to meet your patients in person. However, you will have to meet with your patients’ healthcare providers face-to-face to get hired. – If you’re looking for part-time work, your requirements will be less strict, though they will vary by state. In some cases, you may be able to meet your patients in person once per month. In other cases, you may be required to meet them in person once per week. – Check with your state’s nursing board for the rules in your state.

3 top remote employers for nurses

– Health care systems – Health care systems are large networks of hospitals, doctors’ offices, laboratories, clinics and other medical facilities that are coordinated under one administration. Health care systems are almost always remote-friendly employers, and many of them regularly hire remote nurses. – Larger medical practices – In some cases, larger medical practices that rely on outsourcing their services may offer remote work. Smaller medical practices may offer remote work as well, but larger practices are more likely to have the infrastructure in place to support remote workers. – E-commerce or virtual assistants companies – Some e-commerce or virtual assistants companies specialize in providing remote workers. If you have experience in a nursing field, it’s worth researching these companies to see if they offer remote work.

2 tips for finding remote nursing jobs

– Build a strong online presence – The first step towards finding remote work is building a strong online presence. This includes creating a strong resume, updating your LinkedIn profile and joining as many relevant online communities and social media groups as possible. This will not only help you find remote work, but it will help you find any work, as employers are increasingly using sites like LinkedIn to screen potential employees. – Network with your colleagues – You can’t network enough with your colleagues, both current and former employees. Ask your fellow nurses if they work remotely, and if they would be able to pass on your resume to their employer. You may be able to find remote work without ever having to apply directly to an employer.


Remote work is on the rise and is expected to continue growing in popularity in the coming years. If you’re looking for remote work as a nurse, you’ll likely need to be flexible and willing to travel, as many remote employers hire traveling nurses.

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