7 Best Desks for Home-Working to Get You Working Harder, Smarter and More Productively

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Working from home is often seen as a privilege, not a burden. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend most of their time in pajamas and avoid the commute? Working from home can be extremely rewarding and provide great flexibility, but it comes with its own challenges. Without colleagues to bounce ideas off or a distracting office environment, staying productive and focused can be tough on your own. Also, you might find yourself lacking certain home-working essentials like lighting that’s perfect for desk work or other furniture that enhances your productivity. Fortunately, there are plenty of desks designed specifically for working from home that will make things easier.

What to look for in the best desks for home working

When selecting a desk, first consider the surface area. Is it big enough for a laptop and a few books? Then, decide how much storage you need. Consider adding a file drawer or even a leg that can hold a large drawer. Measuring the space in your home where you intend to set up your desk is also crucial. You want to make sure you get a desk that fits your space. If you have young kids or pets, you might want to look for a desk that can be easily cleaned, or that has a surface that is stain-resistant. You might also want to consider a desk that’s easy to move around so you can shift it from room to room as needed.

Standing desks

Standing desks have become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason. Standing desks allow you to change your posture throughout the day and can reduce back pain. Best of all, standing desks can be helpful for people who work from home by encouraging you to get off your chair more often when you would otherwise be stuck in poor posture for hours on end. Most standing desks are adjustable to allow you to change between standing and sitting. Many even offer treadmill attachments that allow you to walk while you work. While standing desks are great, they do come with a few drawbacks. You need to be very disciplined in changing positions throughout the day and having a large amount of space for a standing desk may be difficult.

Manual adjustable desks

If you are looking for a more affordable and space-saving option, a manual adjustable desk may be the right choice for you. These desks usually come with an adjustable-height tabletop and a pull-out keyboard tray. Some of these desks come with additional features like a surface that can be used as a whiteboard or an area designed to hold your printer. Other models have a retractable mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the tabletop from sitting to standing height. Although these desks are very affordable, they may lack some of the benefits of a powered desk. For example, some models cannot be easily adjusted to different positions, so you may not be able to sit comfortably when needed. Additionally, these desks typically require you to manually extend the keyboard tray. Some models also lack adequate space for holding your laptop.

Electronic adjustable desks (also known as sit-to-stand desks)

Electronic adjustable desks are powered standing desks that allow you to effortlessly transition between sitting and standing throughout the day. These desks usually come with a motorized tabletop that can be adjusted with the push of a button. Some electronic desks can even be programmed to slowly raise throughout the day so you can start each day with a few minutes of standing before sitting down to work. Electronic adjustable desks usually come with a built-in monitor mount and a keyboard tray for added convenience. While these desks are definitely more expensive than their manual brethren, they are highly convenient and perfect for people who don’t have a ton of space.

Upright desks with ergonomic benefits

If you are looking for something with some added ergonomic benefits, an upright desk may be the right choice for you. These desks usually feature a built-in monitor stand and document holder designed to keep you in a more upright posture as you work. These desks are often designed with a small tabletop that can be suitable for working with a laptop. If you work with a lot of papers, an upright desk may not be ideal since the surface area may not be large enough to accommodate your papers. Upright desks can be a great option for people who want to avoid the added costs of an electronic adjustable desk but still want some of the ergonomic benefits.

Conferencing and collaboration stations

If you do a lot of collaboration from home, a conference desk or table may be just what you need. These types of desks feature a large tabletop that is often significantly larger than a standard desk. The tabletop can be tilted or even detached and can be used for everything from laptop work to whiteboard sessions. These desks are often designed to be used in teams of two or more, and may have built-in storage and a laptop stand. If you’re looking for a more standard desk for solo work, you may want to consider getting a smaller model instead.

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are a variety of different types of desks that can be helpful for home-working. If you want to stay productive and avoid getting stuck in bad desk posture, a desk designed for home-working can help you avoid many of the issues that can come with working from home.

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