The 4 Best Ways to Find a Freelance Remote Job in the USA: freelance remote jobs usa

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Contrary to what you might think, remote work is not just for tech startups. In fact, a growing number of companies of all sizes are embracing remote work as a way to cut costs and improve productivity. Whether you’re itching to leave your desk job behind or simply want the flexibility to telecommute from time to time, taking on remote gigs can be an excellent way to meet that need while still keeping your regular 9-to-5. After all, freelance work comes with numerous benefits: You create your own schedule, can often set your own hourly rate, and have the ability to choose which projects you take on. Check out these four great ways you can land a freelance remote job in the USA today!

Check out remote job boards and websites

As with any job search, your first stop should be the websites and job boards that list remote positions. Because remote work is still a relatively niche field, these sites are your best bet for finding companies that specifically hire remote workers. Our top remote job boards and websites: Indeed – Indeed is the world’s No. 1 job site, so it’s a great place to start when searching for remote work. You can browse or search for remote work, filter results based on your experience, and see the salary range for each role. Indeed also has extensive job tips to help you enhance your remote job-hunting strategy. RemoteOK – RemoteOK is a website that aggregates job postings for remote work from across the web. You can search for jobs in a specific category, like programming and design, filter results by keywords, location, and other factors, or sign up for email alerts to see new remote work as it becomes available.


Networking can help you find remote work in two ways. First, you can network with people in your industry and ask them if they know of any opportunities for remote work. Second, you can network with hiring managers and let them know you are looking for remote work and would be interested in any opportunities they may have. We recommend joining an industry organization or group, like the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), to make connections and get in front of hiring managers and potential employers in person.

Take a training course

There are a variety of online training programs geared toward teaching remote workers specific skillsets and helping them land their first remote job. These programs might be hosted on platforms like edX, Coursera, or Udemy, or they might be self-hosted. Choose a program suited to your needs and skill level, and make sure it comes with a money-back guarantee if you don’t find it helpful. Beyond skills, remote work also requires certain soft skills, like excellent communication, the ability to manage your time, and a certain level of comfort working alone. If you want to up the ante and really boost your remote job-hunting game, consider taking a prep course, like an online course, workshop, or webinar, designed to give you an edge in the job hunt.

Participate in an incubator program

An incubator program is a kind of mentorship or apprenticeship where you work remotely for an experienced remote worker, who will help you develop your skills and find your first remote job. These programs are typically free or charge a very low fee. If you’re interested in participating in or finding an incubator program, look for remote work groups or communities on platforms like Slack or

Find a remote gig with an agency

Many agencies recruit and employ remote workers, with the goal of connecting employers and employees for one-off or ongoing projects. Agencies are often used for large-scale projects, like building a website or creating a marketing campaign. If you’re interested in finding a remote gig with an agency, start by searching job boards and general job search sites, like Indeed, or even Craigslist. You can also directly apply to remote work with specific agencies, like Remotely, that specialize in connecting remote workers with employers.


Remote work is a growing trend, and more and more companies are hiring remote workers. This is because remote work has many benefits, such as improving productivity, increasing employee retention, and reducing overhead costs. If you want to find a freelance remote job in the USA, you can check out remote job boards and websites, network, take a training course, or participate in an incubator program. You can also find a remote gig with an agency.

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