A Guide to Landing the Best K12 Remote Jobs!

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If you’re an educational professional looking for a remote job, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the options out there. From virtual call centers to online marketplaces and everything in between, it can seem like there are a million different ways to work remotely as an educator. But which of these remote opportunities is right for you? Whether you’re just starting your search, or need some new ideas to keep things fresh, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll walk through all of your remote job options as they relate specifically to K-12 education.

K12 Remote Job Basics

Let’s start with the basics. What are the different types of remote jobs in the K-12 sector? Here are some of the most common ways to work remotely as an educator: – Tutoring – One-on-one remote tutoring is one of the most common remote jobs in the K-12 market, and is used to support a wide range of subjects and grade levels. – Remote/online teaching – These positions are primarily focused on teaching online, and are used to support a wide range of subjects and grade levels. – Substitute teaching – Contract work as a remote substitute instructor for K-12 schools. – Virtual assistant – Remote administrative assistant positions for schools. – Online marketplace – Sell supplemental materials and curriculum, provide lessons, and more through an online marketplace.

Remote Tutoring Jobs

Remote tutoring jobs are one of the most common ways to earn a living as a K-12 educator. They can be done as a side hustle on nights and weekends, or as a full-time career. These positions are primarily used to support a wide range of subjects and grade levels from elementary school through college. Most remote tutors are hired to support subjects like math, English, and science. – You can find remote tutoring jobs on online tutoring marketplace websites, and dedicated tutoring websites like, or Some remote tutoring jobs may be listed on Craigslist, Indeed, or other general online job boards. – Remote tutoring jobs tend to be paid per hour, and are often paid by the piece or per question. – Remote tutoring jobs can be done from any location, but you’ll likely be expected to tutor during times that are convenient for your client.

Virtual Assistant Jobs for Educators

– Virtual assistant jobs for educators are primarily focused on administrative duties. – These positions can be done from anywhere, so are great for telecommuters and people who want to work remotely. – Administrative duties include things like calendar management, event planning, website management, social media management, and more. – You can find virtual assistant jobs on online job boards like Upwork, and on dedicated virtual assistant job sites like Zirtual, and Fancy Hands. – Virtual assistant job pay is often hourly, and determined by the task in question. – Virtual assistant jobs are best suited to professionals who want to work remotely, and who have experience with administrative tasks.

Online Education Marketplace Jobs

Online education marketplace jobs are the most common type of online job offered through websites like Udemy, and Teachable. Marketplace jobs are typically focused on selling supplemental materials and curriculum, providing lessons, and delivering online services. They’re most often used to support subjects like math, English, and science. – You can find online education marketplace jobs on any of the major online marketplace websites. – Online education marketplace job pay is often hourly or by the piece, and determined by the type of work in question. – Online education marketplace jobs are suitable for educators who can create their own materials, and who can work independently. – You can also look for K12 specific online marketplaces like Tutor Spot, or Clever. – Clever is a unique marketplace in that you can choose to take on tutoring jobs, virtual assistant work, or online teaching jobs.

Jump-Start Your Search with a Recruiter

– A recruiter is a third-party organization that contracts with educators to find remote jobs on their behalf. – The recruiter finds jobs, vets them, and then passes along the best opportunities to the educator. – Recruiters get paid a one-time fee, and may charge a small percentage of the first month’s pay as a retainer. – Jump-starting your search with a recruiter can help you find remote jobs that you may not have otherwise known about. – You can find K-12 specific recruiters through organizations like the National Association of Remote Teachers, or the National Association of Virtual Educators. – A recruiter can help you find high-quality remote jobs, and is worth considering if you’re struggling to find work on your own.


Remote jobs are growing in number and popularity, and there has never been a better time to switch to a remote career. But finding the right remote job for you can be challenging, no matter how easy it may seem on paper. If you’re struggling to find work, consider jumping-start your search with a recruiter. And if you want an edge, make sure to read the tips in this blog post to help you find the best K12 remote jobs for you.

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