7 Reasons Why You Should Work From Home with Lionbridge: lionbridge work from home

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Working from home is a dream for many. Who wouldn’t want to save on commute and gas expenses, have more time with family and friends, and avoid the stress of being stuck in rush hour traffic on a daily basis? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 40 million Americans work from home at least one day per week. With telecommuting jobs and freelance work becoming increasingly common, it’s no surprise that we’re all looking for ways to make working from home a permanent arrangement. There are loads of pros and cons when it comes to working from home. Whether you’re currently searching for telecommuting jobs or trying to find ways to balance your personal life with your career, here are seven reasons why you should work from home with Lionbridge:

You’ll have more time and flexibility to pursue your passions.

Working from home gives you the freedom to pursue other passions, interests, and hobbies in your free time. As many telecommuting jobs are remote positions, you won’t have to worry about being in the office during set hours, so you can set your own schedule. If you have a specific passion, like a sport or artistic hobby, you can pursue that without having to worry about finding child care or a suitable location to do it. If you have kids, working from home can also give you more time each day to spend with them. Working from home can be really rewarding, but it’s important to make sure your responsibilities don’t impinge on your personal time and vice versa. If you feel like you’re always working, it can be really hard to find enjoyment in your job. If you can find a good balance, though, you’ll likely find working from home is much more flexible than a traditional office job.

You can avoid frustrating commutes and travel times.

If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that offers telecommuting jobs and freelance work, you won’t have to deal with the daily frustration of rush hour traffic and crowded public transportation. However, you might still have to travel for certain events, client meetings, conferences, and training sessions. Working from home means you don’t have to worry about catching public transportation or dealing with frustrating traffic. Working from home can be a great way to avoid wasting time on a daily basis and struggling to get to work on time. If you normally commute to an office, you might spend two or three hours a day traveling to and from work. Working from home can save you a significant amount of time each week. You might also want to consider carpooling, public transit, or ridesharing to reduce your commuting cost.

Working from home will help you advance in your career.

If you’re looking to advance in your career, working from home can help you get there. Many companies offer flexible work arrangements as part of their benefits packages, and they might be open to hiring remote workers who are able to work from home. Working from home can show your employer that you have the dedication, self-discipline, and work ethic to succeed in a remote position. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates that 61 percent of companies are hiring remote workers. Working from home can help to prove that you’re a highly capable, productive employee and might help you advance in your career more quickly.

Your physical and mental health will benefit.

Working from home can help improve your physical and mental health. Mental Health America estimates that over 50 percent of Americans suffer from mental illness every year. Working from home can help you avoid some of the triggers that affect your mental health, like noise pollution and a crowded work environment. You might also be able to find ways to reduce the stress you feel at work by setting up your home office in a quieter area of your house. Having a quiet space to focus, without the distractions of home life, can help you stay on track and complete your work effectively and efficiently. You might also want to consider using noise-blocking headphones if your home is near a busy street or you have young children who like to be loud.

You’ll earn more money by working from home.

If you’ve done your research, telecommuting and remote work positions are often more highly compensated than traditional office jobs. Working from home gives you the flexibility to set your own work hours, so you can earn more money by giving yourself fewer hours each day. If you work in sales, you might also be able to spend more time seeing clients, which can help you advance in your career. As you’re not in the office, you can also avoid office distractions. Working from home can also help you avoid office politics and backstabbing.

It’s a great opportunity to find flexible jobs for remote workers.

Depending on your field of work, some employers will be hesitant to hire someone who lives far away. If you live in a rural area, you might have a harder time finding a company willing to hire someone in your area. Some companies prefer to hire people who live nearby so they can interview them in person and see them in action before hiring them. If you’re open to working from home, you’ll have more opportunities to find flexible jobs for remote workers. Some companies prefer to hire remote workers because it gives them a wider range of candidates to choose from. Working from home gives you the flexibility to find remote jobs that are a good fit for your skill set and availability.


Working from home is a great way to save time, reduce stress, and earn more money. Whether you’re interested in finding telecommuting jobs or freelance work, you’ll likely be able to find more flexible work arrangements that allow you to balance your personal life with your career.

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