The 12 Best Work From Home Activities You Can Do To Make Your Day Healthier: wfh activities for employees

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When you work from home, you might think that you’ll have all the free time in the world to do as you please. However, after a few days of constant work at home, many people find themselves getting cabin fever and needing to find new ways to occupy their time. Even if you’re out of your normal office environment, working from home still requires discipline and focus on more than just your computer screen. Whether you’re a seasoned freelancer or just starting out on your own business venture, it’s important to keep yourself busy and focused throughout the day. Aside from keeping an organized workspace at home, there are other activities that can help when working from home.

Morning activity

First thing in the morning, you should do some stretching or yoga to clear your mind and start the day off right. You can also write in a journal to exercise your creative muscles or meditate to help you keep a level head throughout your day. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that lets you get your mind right and sets the tone for your day in a positive way. Working from home is a great privilege, but it can be challenging at times, especially when you feel like you’re constantly in your own head. So, it’s important to have activities planned out to help ease your mind and keep yourself truly focused on work.

Break in the afternoon

Work in chunks. This will help you keep your mind focused and productive. It’s important to take breaks when working from home so your mind doesn’t get overworked and burn out. Whether you need to walk the dog, pick up groceries, or visit a nearby coffee shop, you should do something that will get your mind off work for a few minutes. If you’re finding it difficult to get back into work after your break, try journaling or meditating to calm your mind and help it focus again. You’ll also want to make sure you’re eating well and staying hydrated throughout the day. Working from home can be a great way to earn a living, but only if you keep your mind and body healthy while doing so.


This is probably the most important thing you can do while working from home. Exercise is crucial for your mental health, your productivity, and your ability to focus. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to exercise while working from home. Start each day with a short walk outside, or do some pushups or sit-ups to get the blood flowing and your endorphins going. You can also use a stationary bike or elliptical at home to get a great cardio workout. Many gyms even offer online streaming membership deals that you can use from home. If you have a home office, make sure you have a treadmill or stationary bike nearby. You’ll likely be more motivated to get your workout done if it’s right in front of you. If you’re finding yourself getting too hot or sweaty, put on a pair of headphones and listen to some music to help you focus on your workout.

Networking and emailing

If you work in a specific industry, you may want to join local business networking activities. You can also sign up for email lists at various companies in your field to stay informed of opportunities. You don’t want to sit at home all day and miss out on important connections that could help your business grow. If you work from home, you’re probably comfortable with communicating online, but it’s important to set aside specific times for emailing or networking. You don’t want to sit at your computer all day sending emails or responding to messages when you should be working on a project. Make sure you schedule ample time for networking and emailing so you don’t fall behind on work tasks.

Use your commute time

If you have a long commute to and from work, you can use that time to keep yourself focused and busy. Listen to podcasts, read books, or audio versions of articles you’d like to read but don’t have time for during the day. You can also try journaling while on the go to help clear your mind and relax your thoughts. If you drive to work and back, you can also use this time to exercise. If you have a car with a USB port, you can plug in a stationary bike or elliptical and keep yourself fit while driving. If you don’t have a stationary bike or elliptical, you can also try walking or running on the treadmill in your car. It’s important to stay active and keep your body healthy even when you’re driving.

Find a hobby you enjoy

Finally, you can find a hobby or activity that you enjoy and that keeps you busy. Pick something that you’ll enjoy enough to continue doing for a long time, even if you don’t make a profit from it. This can be something as simple as knitting, gardening, or even baking. If you’re creative, you can also take this time to create new things that you can turn into a profit later on. It’s important to make sure that whatever hobby you choose, it doesn’t take away from the amount of time you’re spending on work. You don’t want to fall behind on your work tasks because you’re spending too much time on your hobby. Make sure whatever hobby you choose is something you can do quickly and efficiently on the side.

Take care of yourself

Finally, make sure to take care of yourself while working from home. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating healthy meals so you stay hydrated and your energy doesn’t lag. You also want to make sure you’re getting enough sleep so your mind and body can rest and recover after a long day of work. If you don’t get enough sleep, your productivity and focus will suffer greatly. Taking care of yourself also means making sure you’re getting outside every now and then. Working from home can be isolating and can lead to cabin fever if you don’t make an effort to get outside and socialize with others on a regular basis.


When working from home, it’s important to make sure you don’t let yourself fall into a rut by sitting on the couch watching TV all day. Make sure you have plenty of activities planned out so you can keep your mind focused and productive throughout the day. It’s also important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself while working from home so you don’t get burned out or fall behind on your work. With these activities, you can make sure to stay productive while working from home and make the most out of your work day.

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