How to Get a Remote Job With No Experience: remote jobs no experience needed

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Having experience in your field of study or even a degree in that field does not guarantee you entrance into the work force. In fact, about 41 percent of workers with a bachelor’s degree are employed in jobs that don’t require that level of education. Fortunately, finding remote work is easier than ever before thanks to sites like Remote Working job boards and social media platforms. If you have no experience but are interested in working remotely, it might feel like there aren’t many opportunities out there for you right now. But believe us when we say there are remote jobs out there — you just need to know where to look! While this article focuses on remote jobs that do not require previous experience as well as how to get one if you do have experience, if you are instead looking for entry-level remote roles with no previous industry experience, check out our other blog post here . Keep reading for advice on how to get a remote job with no experience!

Find remote jobs that do not require previous experience

If you’re seeking a remote job but you don’t have experience, you can start by searching for companies that don’t list previous experience as a requirement. This will give you a variety of options, and you can see what types of jobs might be available to you in your field. Some fields, such as content and copywriting, are perfect for people with no experience. If you want to get into programming or data analytics, however, you may need to have experience with those fields in order to get hired. While many companies are moving towards remote work, not all of them have done so. You can use the above-mentioned sites to find out which ones do not require previous work experience. This will give you a great starting point for your search, and you can then move on to more specific searches based on your field and other factors.

Network and show your worth

If you don’t have experience, start networking as early as possible. As you’re attending events and conferences related to your field, try to make connections with people who work in the industry. This can be as simple as introducing yourself to someone you admire and letting them know you’re interested in learning more about the work they do. Keep track of the people you meet at these events, and follow up with them when you have something relevant to share. If you make it a priority to network with people in your field, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can start building a network of contacts that can help you find a remote job. Especially if you find people who work at remote companies, these connections can be incredibly valuable when you’re trying to get your foot in the door.

Try volunteering or working a part-time job

If you’re a student and you’re interested in breaking into a field that does not require previous experience, try to find a way to get experience. For example, if you want to be a programmer but you don’t have any experience, try to find a nonprofit or open source project that uses programming and offers remote work. If possible, try to get your name on the project’s website. You can also volunteer to build a website for your school or another organization in your community. This will give you the experience you’re looking for without costing you a dime. If you’re out of school and you’re trying to get into a field that requires experience, try to find a way to get experience part-time. For example, if you want to be a digital marketer, you can try to start a side gig as a paid social media or SEO consultant.


If you don’t have experience but are trying to get a remote job, don’t give up hope! Remote jobs with no experience are out there, and you can achieve your career goals if you put in the effort to find them. Start networking as early as possible, and show your potential employers that you’re worth hiring. Try to get experience wherever you can, even if it’s through a side hustle. With enough hustle, you can find a remote job with no experience!

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