Remote Job Tips: The Definitive Guide to Working Part-Time from Home: part time remote jobs europe

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Did you know that remote work is the fastest growing segment of the global workforce? Did you know that the average remote worker actually ends up working more hours than a traditional employee and not less? Did you know that there are almost 2 million remote jobs posted on sites like Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder at any given moment? Working from home is no longer a rare luxury offered by only a few companies. According to the Remote Work Council, 65% of workers want to telework in some capacity.This article will give you all the tips and tricks for landing a remote job or starting your own business from home.

Finding a remote job

In the past, it was a lot harder to find a remote job. You’d have to regularly scour job boards, apply to hundreds of positions, and hope that your skills were a perfect match for a hiring manager’s needs. It was a numbers game; you’d apply for as many jobs as was humanly possible and cross your fingers. Luckily, the internet has changed all of that. There are now thousands of remote job boards out there, and most of them have vastly improved their search functions. You can now filter jobs by keyword, location, and even the type of work you’d like to do (e.g. writing, customer service, tech, sales, etc.). This makes it much easier to find a remote job that you’re actually qualified for.

Network, network, network…

If you want to find a remote job, you’ve got to network like crazy. Don’t just apply to the job postings on the various remote job boards. You must also build relationships with hiring managers. How? Post on remote job boards and ask if any hiring managers would be willing to talk to you about their open positions. Follow job boards on social media and engage with them. Comment on articles and ask if the authors know any hiring managers at remote companies. Join remote working communities and engage with other remote workers. Remote job boards are often heavily moderated. You won’t be able to post a ton of comments or get your questions answered. By engaging with remote job boards and remote working communities, you greatly increase your chances of getting some personal attention from hiring managers.

Remote job requirements

Before you apply for a remote job, you’ve got to make sure that you meet the requirements. In most cases, employers will only hire people who can work 100% remotely, meaning no commute and no office. Do you live in a highly populated area that makes remote work difficult? You’re out of luck. Are you applying for a customer service job where your accent or proficiency with the language is an issue? You’re out of luck. Remote companies are often looking for people who are independent, reliable, and self-directed. They have to be able to meet their goals without the oversight of a manager or the camaraderie of a fellow employee. Before you apply for a remote job, make sure you’ve got an effective strategy for getting things done.

Remote working tips for success

Here are some tips for making sure that you’re successful working remotely. – Build a routine – If you’re used to working in an office, you’ve got to be aware of the extra discipline required to work remotely. You’ve got to create a regular routine and stick to it. This will help you stay focused and on track toward your goals. – Find an inspiring workspace – You might have been able to get away with working out of your bedroom or basement in an office, but it won’t fly in a remote job. You must have a clean and inspiring work space where you’re able to focus on your tasks. Spend some time finding and furnishing a space that works for you. – Stay connected – You might think that working remotely means cutting off all contact with your co-workers and bosses, but that’s actually not the case. Remote workers have to be much more responsible for their own communication. Make sure that you set regular check-in times with your manager and stay connected with your co-workers. – Stay healthy – Working from home can be a big adjustment from working in an office. You’ve got to be sure to stay healthy with regular exercise and a nutritious diet. You don’t want to fall into the trap of being too relaxed and losing focus on your goals.

Starting your own business from home

If you don’t think you can find a remote job, you don’t have to give up the dream of working from home. You can start your own business. This will give you the freedom to work whenever, wherever, and however you want. You’ll have the ability to dictate your own schedule, hire employees to help you with the workload, and set your own rates. Start by thinking about the type of work you’d like to do. What skills do you have that could be helpful to others? Are there certain industries that you’re interested in? What kind of work do you want to be doing? Are there any markets that you think could use your service?


Working from home can be a fantastic experience, but you’ve got to do it right. You’ve got to network like crazy and make sure that you’re a good fit for any remote companies you want to work for. Once you’ve got a remote job lined up, you’ve got to be careful to stay healthy and productive.

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