The 3 Tools You Need to Create A Work From Home Playset

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Whether you work from home as a telecommuter, remote employee, or just need to set up the occasional workspace in your home, it’s helpful to have the right tools on hand. Creating an effective work space is challenging, but with the right tools it can be much easier. Working from home can be challenging because you don’t have coworkers and supervisors around to keep you accountable. It’s easy to let your work slide when no one is watching. Creating a productive workspace is key to staying on track and feeling inspired to get things done every day. Here are three tools that will help you do just that:

A Good Desk

One of the most important pieces of furniture in any office is the desk. Ideally, you want your desk to be large enough for your computer, papers and any other items you need. You also want it to be sturdy enough to support all of your gear. Most desks made for the home are very affordable, usually costing between $100 and $300. Spend a little more if you can in order to get something that’s made with high-quality materials, like wood rather than cheaper particleboard. Most people work best when they have a large, uncluttered surface. Having lots of papers and other items stacked up on your desk can hinder your ability to focus and get your work done.

A Solid Chair

You spend an average of 9 hours a day sitting in your chair, so it’s important to get a good one. A good chair will support your back and encourage good posture. It will also be adjustable so you can change it to fit your specific body needs. Your chair should fit your body type — not too big and not too small. It should be comfortable to sit in for several hours at a time. A good chair will cost you around $100 and last for several years. A cheap, poorly designed chair will not only be uncomfortable, but it will also break down much faster.

An Effective Workspace Lighting setup

A good lighting setup will help you create the right mood for your work and inspire you to be your best. You might also want to think about how your desk and chair will affect your lighting, depending on how you’re working. Most of us work with our computers, so you want to ensure there is enough light to see your screen without it being too bright. If you need more light, you might want to invest in a lamp. Keep in mind, brighter light will make your eyes work harder, which can make you feel tired and stressed. If you’re in a room with windows, you’ll probably get plenty of light, though it might not be the right time of day. Nearby buildings or tall trees might also cast a lot of shade on your windows.

A Standing Desk

If you work from home or have an office in your home, a standing desk can be a good investment. Standing while you work has been linked to a number of health benefits. Standing desks typically have a raised surface that lets you rest your computer, papers and other items. You can raise or lower the desk as needed to sit or stand while you work. You can also buy adjustable standing desks that let you change the height of the surface. A standing desk can be a good option if you don’t have a lot of room for a regular desk. A standing desk can be much easier on your body than sitting for hours at a time. It also gives you a chance to move around a little throughout the day, which can help you stay focused and fresh. Getting up and moving around for a few minutes every hour can help you stay focused and alert.


Whether you work from home full-time or just need to do so once in a while, creating a good work space is key. Having the right tools on hand can make a big difference in your ability to be productive. If you’re working at home, you need a space that’s designed to support your productivity. With the right furniture as well as a good lighting setup and positive environment, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

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