What To Expect From Home Care Services: A Freelance Home Health Aide’s Perspective

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You need help caring for your aging parent or a sick loved one. You Google the words “home care services” and get more than 36 million hits. The information is overwhelming. What exactly are home care services? What is the difference between in-home care and assisted living? Which type of home care services is right for our family? How do you find reliable home care agencies? And with so many options, how do we choose the right one for our family member? These are just some of the common questions that people who need help staying at home ask when they Google “home care services”. Fortunately, as a freelance home health aide, I have insight into this industry and can answer those questions.

What Is Home Care Services?

Home care services are health care services (both medical and non-medical) delivered to a patient’s home instead of a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center. They include skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, home health aide visits, medical transportation, meals, and other services. Home care services are important for people who can’t care for themselves or live independently due to an illness, injury, or aging process. They allow people to stay out of institutions, like nursing homes, as long as possible. The cost of home care services varies greatly depending on the type of service, the state, and the provider.

Assisted Living Vs Home Care Services

Assisted living is a type of residential care for seniors that provides the supervision and assistance necessary to promote the health and independence of residents who require help with daily living tasks. They have 24-hour supervision, meals, housekeeping, and laundry service. Assisted living facilities are very similar to nursing homes, minus the acute medical care (hospital-like environment). Home care services are one type of assistance that is available through an agency. Home care aides visit patients in their home and provide non-medical care and companionship. There are also home health agencies that offer medical care in a patient’s home, like physical or occupational therapy.

7 Things To Look For When Choosing A Home Care Agency

– Licensing and accreditation: Find out if the home care agency is licensed and accredited by the state. Also, check for any complaints against the agency on the state’s website. – Reputation: Ask people who used the home care agency if they recommend it. Google the name of the agency and see what comes up. – Insurance: Make sure the home care agency is insured and bonded. Also, find out what types of coverage they have. – Types of services offered: Make sure the home care agency offers the services that you need. – Pricing: Check the prices of the services you need, and make sure they are in your budget. – Service area: Home care agencies usually have a service area. Make sure the home care agency serves your area. – References: Ask for references and contact them.

3 Types Of Home Care Services

– Skilled home health care – For people who need ongoing medical care but can’t travel away from home. – Home health aide services – Home health aides help with personal care and household tasks like bathing, dressing, eating, taking medicine, and grocery shopping. – Companionship services – For people who want to remain in their homes but need help with daily activities because of a physical or cognitive impairment.


Home care services are often a good choice for people who can’t be cared for at home by family. They are usually less expensive than assisted living, and most insurance companies will pay for them. The best way to find a home care agency is to do research online, ask for recommendations from friends and family, and talk to agencies about what they offer. Remember, not all home care agencies are created equal. When it comes to finding home care services, there are millions of options. To find the best option for your family, you should do your research.

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