What You Need to Know About Fiverr Blog Writing

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Fiverr is a place where you can buy and sell services for $5. There are millions of gigs posted by sellers every day. If you’re looking for writers, there are plenty of them on Fiverr. But be careful – not all of the services should cost as little as $5. In this blog post, we will help you understand what to expect from Fiverr blog writing services and how to find writers who won’t rip you off.

What to Expect From Fiverr Blog Writing Services

In general, when it comes to Fiverr blog writing services, you should expect to pay around $20–$30 per blog post. If a Fiverr seller is offering a $5 blog post, that’s probably not a real blog post. It’s more likely to be some kind of SEO article. Another sign that a blog post is fake is that it’s written in sentence fragments. You’re also likely to get plagiarized content if you go for the $5 option. When you’re looking for a real blog post, make sure it’s marked as “original content.” That means the seller has not reused any of their previous blog posts. Although this doesn’t guarantee that your blog post will be unique, it means it’s unlikely to be plagiarized.

How to Find Good Blog Writers on Fiverr

As with all freelancing platforms, the best way to find blog writers on Fiverr is to go through the seller’s reviews. You can also search for blog writers in specific categories, such as blog posts, SEO articles, or business plans. There are plenty of categories to choose from, but you may find yourself having to sort through a large number of sellers to find the ones who are qualified to write blogs. Another thing to look out for is whether the seller offers revisions. You will probably need to revise your blog posts several times before they’re good enough to publish. You may even want to hire another blogger to do an editorial review of your Fiverr-purchased blog post.

Tips for Working With Fiverr Blog Writers

– Set a clear scope of work and deadlines. Before you hire a blogger, set clear expectations. Let them know how many posts you need and when you need them. This way, there are no surprises and no misunderstandings later down the road. – Give them ideas to work with. If you need help coming up with blog post ideas, you can do what many bloggers do: use a crowdsourcing platform. There are many such platforms with different features and costs. – Check their past work. A sample of their work is the best way to figure out if you’re a good fit. – Communicate with them. If you are dealing with an overseas writer, you probably won’t be able to have a video call with them. Communicate with them via email or Google docs. – Pay them promptly. Some writers won’t work with you if you pay in milestones and don’t pay them the full amount when you’ve promised to. – Ask them to sign a contract. This is best if you’re outsourcing the entire blog writing process.

Final Words: Should You Outsource Your Blog Writing?

If you are low on time and don’t have the writing skills, outsourcing your blog writing is a very viable option. You can hire blog writers from Fiverr or Upwork to write posts for your website. However, if you are outsourcing your blog writing, you need to be careful about quality control. Keep these things in mind, and you should be able to find good blog writers without getting ripped off. Remember, there are plenty of great blog writers out there who can help you with your content if you know where to look. You just have to know what to look for and how to find them.

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