10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online With Clickbank: how make money with clickbank

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Newcomers to the world of work-from-home jobs might struggle to see how you can make money online with ClickBank. After all, you’re selling digital products – things like eBooks, videos, and mp3 files that don’t have a resale value. How can that ever be profitable? Well, it’s not just about profit. ClickBank is a great way for independent vendors to sell their product while also making a commission on every sale they drive. And if you get in early on an up-and-coming niche like Artificial Intelligence or Cryptocurrency, there’s potential to earn thousands of dollars as those niches expand and more people begin using ClickBank to buy eBooks about them.

Write and Sell eBooks on ClickBank

If you have a particular expertise in an industry or know a lot about a specific subject, there’s a good chance you could turn that into a profitable eBook. If there’s something you’ve been trying to understand or figure out how to do, odds are you aren’t alone. If you can write a book that explains it clearly, readers will pay you for your knowledge and help. With ClickBank, you can sell your book and make a 40% commission on each sale – but only if you publish your book as an eBook. If you’re interested in this option, you can start researching niches and topics now and get started once you’ve finished your book.

Become a Reviewer

The internet is full of products and services – but it’s also full of misinformation and poor-quality products that are likely to break soon or be built using cheap materials. If you can find legitimate reviews for products you’ve tried and can honestly say whether it’s worth buying or not, you’re helping people make a good purchasing decision and can earn money from ClickBank. Review websites like Trustpilot and Shopper’s Stop pay people to write reviews and you can earn a commission for each review you write. You can also review products and earn a commission on sales with Affiliate websites like Amazon, Woot, and others that allow you to earn a commission based on sales.

Create Audio Ads

There are a number of websites that pay people to record audio ads and send them out to a list of leads and contacts. Most of these ads are short – usually between 15 and 30 seconds – and they are usually sales pitches for other products. You can make money recording audio ads by targeting specific niches like debt consolidation, mortgages, home improvement, or any other niche where people are likely to receive a lot of unwanted phone calls and emails.

Produce Video Ads

Video ads are quickly becoming one of the most profitable ways for companies to advertise their products. But, like audio ads, you can make money recording video ads as long as you target your ads to people who have likely opted out of receiving advertising messages from other companies. Some of the most profitable niches for video ads include health and wellness products, education, and financial services.

Promote Software and Other Digital Products

If you know how to use specific software or have a skill that people are willing to pay for, you can sell that on ClickBank. For example, if you know how to use Adobe After Effects to create videos, you can sell your tutorials, videos, and other products on ClickBank and make a 40% commission on each sale. Other digital products that might be profitable to sell include eBooks, online courses, and online software. Be careful not to violate any copyright laws while you’re researching and listing these products, though.

Earn Residual Income with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online and it’s a great way to earn a residual income. With affiliate marketing, you promote other companies’ products and services, earning a commission on each sale you send their way. You can also earn a commission by promoting ClickBank products. You just have to find a niche that isn’t saturated with ClickBank sellers – otherwise, your commission rate will be very low.


ClickBank is a legitimate and profitable way to earn money online. While there are a few ways to make money with ClickBank, the most profitable methods are writing and selling eBooks, recording audio ads, and promoting other companies’ products with affiliate marketing. You can make a lot of money with ClickBank, but you’ll have to focus on a few niches to really succeed.

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