7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Order to Become a Successful Fiverr Professional

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If you’ve been on Fiverr for a while now, you probably know that the key to success on this platform is by creating gigs that are really helpful and relevant. After all, people won’t listen to your services if they don’t think they can get value from them. And since there are thousands of sellers on the platform, it’s safe to say that the competition is pretty tough. With so many sellers trying to stand out and catch potential customers’ attention, how do you make sure yours stands above the rest? The answer lies in avoiding these common fiverr mistakes. Take a look at our tips below and see if they help you get one step closer to becoming a successful Fiverr professional.

Don’t use your headline to list services.

Your headline is the first thing potential customers will see on your gig. And the last thing you want is to confuse them with your services. People will click on your gig to find out more about the services you offer, your experience, and how much you charge for them. They will not click on your gig to read a list of your services. The best thing you can do for your headline is to make it as attractive as possible and get your customers interested in you and your gig. Make your headline short and sweet, and try to include keywords that describe the service you offer. If you want to include a list of services in your headline, you can, but make sure you do it in such a way that it doesn’t confuse people. For example, if you’re a writer, you can write a headline such as “writer, designer, and editor”. Although you are listing the services you offer, you are doing it in a way that doesn’t confuse potential customers.

Don’t use B2B keywords in your description.

In your gig description, there is a section where you can choose to add B2B keywords. Although this section may seem like a good option for increasing your rank on the Fiverr platform, it’s not. B2B keywords are best for creating an appealing description for your services, but if you decide to use them, you’ll be doing the exact opposite. The reason why you don’t want to use B2B keywords in your description is because they are not natural keywords – they are keywords that are added to your description by the platform. And although they will help you rank higher on Fiverr, you’ll also be ranked with other sellers who have chosen to add B2B keywords to their services too. This is not a good sign. What you want is a highly natural description that is not only appealing to the eye, but that also ranks highly on the search engine.

Don’t use only one gig for all of your services.

New sellers tend to make the mistake of creating one gig and adding as many services as they can to it. “Why not?” you might be thinking. “If I have a bunch of services under one gig, I’ll be more visible to the customers on Fiverr.” Regardless of what you think, this is not a good idea. Not only will you confuse potential customers by having too many services under one gig, but you’ll also be decreasing your chances of getting orders as well. To put it simply, when you have a bunch of services under one gig, you’ll confuse customers who are searching for a specific service. If they search for content writing, they may click on your gig and find out that you offer content writing, proofreading, and editing. This may not be the best option for them.

Don’t rely on the Fiverr advertising platform.

The Fiverr advertising platform will help you reach more buyers and get more orders, but it won’t make you a successful Fiverr professional. The platform will only bring you one-time customers who will purchase your services, but then never return to the platform again. It’s extremely important to make sure that your customers return to the platform and purchase from you again. The best way to achieve this is by creating high-quality and appealing gigs and by delivering excellent services. If you decide to rely on the Fiverr advertising platform, you’ll be spending a lot of money and bringing customers who will never return. In order to be successful on this platform, you have to create appealing and high-quality gigs and you have to deliver excellent services. You can’t just leave your customers hanging, hoping that they’ll come back again. You must follow up with them and ensure that they are happy with your services and that they leave positive reviews.

Don’t rely too much on Filters and BGs.

There are two main filters that you can apply to your gigs when creating them – the standard filter, and the “featured” filter. The standard filter means that your gig will be visible to everyone on Fiverr, including buyers who have their filters on “OFF”. On the other hand, the featured filter means that your gig will only be visible to those who have their filters on “ON”. As tempting as it is to turn on the featured filter for all of your gigs, it’s not a good idea. In order to become a successful Fiverr professional, you must make sure that you have a wide range of customers visiting your profile and purchasing your services. That’s the only way you can make consistent money on the platform. If you apply the featured filter to all of your gigs, you’ll only be limiting your potential customers. Instead, make sure that you apply the featured filter to only a few of your gigs and leave the standard filter on the majority of your services. You can even apply multiple filters to a single gig to make it more visible to customers.

Don’t forget about quality when trying to be unique.

Being unique is important when trying to stand out on Fiverr. But once you decide to be unique and start adding Filters and BGs, you can easily forget about the importance of quality. When deciding whether or not to create a specific gig, you need to think of the buyer`s side. You have to make sure that your services are appealing and valuable to your customers. You have to make sure that your services are worth the money you’re charging for them. If you start adding a bunch of Filters and BGs to your services, the quality of those services may suffer. For instance, if you’re a writer who decides to add “medical writer” as a BG, you’ll be writing about a specific niche. That’s great. But you have to make sure that your quality stays the same. You have to make sure that your writing is still appealing and worth the money you’re charging.


Becoming a successful seller on Fiverr is not an easy task, but it is totally possible if you follow these tips. Keep in mind that it takes time to become successful and that you should never give up. If you follow the tips we’ve given you in this article, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a successful Fiverr professional.

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