Remote Work DC: How to Live and Work in Washington, D.C. Remotely

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The presence of several high-profile tech companies, coupled with a strong university network, has made the nation’s capital an ideal city for remote workers. If you’re interested in moving to D.C. and maintaining your current remote work setup, here are some resources that will help you begin your new life as a local.

Landing Your Dream Remote Job in DC

If you’re looking to move to DC and maintain your current remote setup, start by researching which companies hire remotely. There are many websites that list remote-friendly companies, but one of the most comprehensive and reliable is Not only does this website list which companies hire remotely, but it also provides information on how to apply and how much you can expect to make. If you’re having trouble finding your dream remote job in DC, consider switching industries. While being in the government, PR, or media industries might be the dream for many, those are also industries that are very difficult to work remotely. If you’re in a field that has more flexibility, like software engineering or marketing, you’ll be able to more easily find a remote job in DC.

From D.C. to remote: What companies hire remotely?

There are several companies in DC that hire remote workers, ranging from government contractors to tech startups. While there are many well-known companies that hire remote workers, there are also plenty of lesser-known organizations that are interested in hiring people who work remotely. If you’re switching industries and looking to work in the federal government, there are plenty of opportunities to work remotely. While many government jobs are primarily done in an office setting, there are plenty of positions that allow remote work. In fact, there are a number of government agencies that actively seek out remote workers, including the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Energy. If you’re looking to work in government, check out the Office of Personnel Management’s website for a full list of open positions.

Where to work remotely in D.C.

There are many places in DC where you can work remotely, from coffee shops to co-working spaces. If you’re interested in getting an office space, check out WeWork’s D.C. locations, which offer a variety of office options for remote workers. If you prefer to work from coffee shops, there are plenty of places in D.C. to choose from. The coffee shop that once held the title of best coffee shop in the world, Baristas Coffee, is located in DC and is a great place to work if you want to maintain a quiet working atmosphere. If you prefer to work in a location with a little more energy, check out Busboys and Poets, a restaurant and bookstore where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while surrounded by music and poetry. If you’re looking for other options, check out Coffitivity, a website that features popular coffee shops around the world where you can work while listening to the sounds of coffee being made.

Websites for finding apartments in DC

If you’re planning on moving to DC, you’ll need to find a place to live. While it’s possible to find a place to rent in DC without ever setting foot in the city, there are plenty of websites that make the process easier. Craigslist is a great resource for finding apartments in DC, and you can easily filter by “Remote Only.” You can also check out websites like Squads or Padmapper, and you can even find apartments on Facebook, like this listing on the DC renters group on Facebook. If you’re working with a real estate agent to find an apartment, make sure to let them know that you want to work remotely so they can help you find a place that has the right environment.

Finding events and networking opportunities in DC

There are plenty of opportunities to attend events in DC and to network with people who work in your industry. If you’re interested in government contracting, check out the DC Contracting and Engineering Career Fair, an event where you can meet with representatives from companies in the contracting industry. If you work in the tech sector, there are plenty of opportunities to network and attend events in DC. There are also a lot of meet-up groups in the area focused on various tech fields. There are groups like the DC Tech Meetup, the DC Women In Tech, and the DC DevOps. If you’re working in a highly specialized field, there are probably other people in your area that are working with the same technologies.


Moving to DC and working remotely is a great combination. The city is full of young, ambitious people, and there are plenty of events and networking opportunities to help you make connections. There are also plenty of companies that hire remote workers. If you’re interested in moving to DC, you’ll want to make sure you do your research and find a company that has good remote work policies. Now all that’s left to do is pack your bags and make the move!

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