10 Tips for Designing a Successful ClickBank Store: clickbank stores

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ClickBank is the leading digital marketplace for selling products and services online. It’s also a popular digital product distributor among affiliates, as it offers a relatively cheap and effective way to drive sales of your own products and services or those of other businesses. As a ClickBank vendor, you can sell your own digital products directly to customers through your own private storefront. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of third-party vendors or the uncertainty of inventory stock; you simply upload your product files and set a price. Customers complete their purchase directly through ClickBank, and you receive commission on each sale. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, here are some pointers on how to design a successful ClickBank store.

Make your store stand out with great branding

This is critical. When you open a new storefront and people start shopping, they are going to see your branding multiple times, and it needs to be consistent, clear, and easy to understand. If there are any questions, or if your branding is confusing, people won’t buy. You don’t have to hire a branding expert to create a great logo, but you do need to make an effort to convey your brand message to customers. Branding isn’t just about the logo or the name of your store; it’s about the colors, the design, and even the language you use in your product descriptions. Make your branding a prominent part of your marketing efforts.

Offer free and paid products

Offer both paid and free products, preferably in different categories if you can. Some people are willing to pay for convenience, while others are happy to download a free product. In both cases, you’re giving people an opportunity to “try before they buy.” This is good for your credibility and can increase your sales. One common practice is to offer a “lite” or “free” version of a paid product and then offer an “upgraded” version of that same product at a higher price. This is a good strategy for increasing your sales and building relationships with your customers.

Keep product quality high

ClickBank is an open marketplace, meaning anyone can sell on the site and there aren’t a lot of rules about what you can sell. This is good for the free-market economy, but it also means you’ll have to compete with lower-quality products from third-party vendors. For example, you might see a third-party vendor selling a 10-hour guided meditation for healing anxiety. You can offer the same product, but your customers are going to have a pretty good idea of what they’re going to get. So, how do you compete? Offer more than just meditation. Expand your product to include guided journaling, music, breathing exercises, and more. The more you can offer, the more you can charge, and the more you can help people with a wide variety of issues.

Create informative and unique product descriptions

While you can’t write false reviews, you can and should use your product descriptions to highlight the benefits of your products. Your customers are looking for reasons to buy, so don’t be shy about using your own product descriptions to sell. You can also use your product descriptions to create a connection with your customers. Offer free advice or encouragement; include a testimonial from a real customer; or tell a short story about how the idea for your product came to be. Your product descriptions need to be unique, so you can’t just copy and paste the same descriptions you’ve used on other sites. This could result in a ban from ClickBank, so be sure to create original content.

Create a strong call to action in your ad copy

Your ad copy is your first chance to persuade customers to click and buy. It’s also a good place to add a little bit of information about your product, such as the price, the shipping information, and what it’s for. Keep your call-to-action strong and clear. Make sure it’s obvious what you want people to do, and don’t try to do too much in one ad. This can backfire and put people off. If you need to mention the price, do it near the end of the ad copy; otherwise, it can seem like you’re trying to hide something from potential customers.

Be transparent about commissions and fees

There are two fees that ClickBank takes off the top of your sales: a commission fee and an affiliate fee. The commission is generally around 20% of the sale, while the affiliate fee is a percentage of the commission. For example, if you sell a product for $100 and the customer pays with their credit card, ClickBank takes $20 off the top. Of that, you get $18 (your cut), and the affiliate who referred the customer gets $2. You can choose to be transparent about the fees and clearly state them in your pricing, or you can be less transparent and just take the money. It’s up to you, but remember that trying to hide fees from customers is counterproductive.

Don’t rely entirely on paid ads to drive sales

You can and should use paid ads, but don’t depend on them alone to drive sales. ClickBank is a marketplace, so you’ve got to make sure you can stand out from the crowd. A lot of vendors use the same ads over and over, and the ads get repetitive. You can avoid this by making sure you’re rotating your ads and always trying new ones. You don’t have to use different ads every day, but it’s a good idea to mix things up, at least a little.

Summing up

There are millions of products on the market, and it can be difficult to stand out and get noticed, especially when using paid advertising. While paid ads are effective, there are other options you can use to market your products and expand your sales. ClickBank, for example, is a popular marketplace where you can sell your digital products directly to customers. To design a successful ClickBank store, you should make your store stand out with great branding, offer both free and paid products, keep product quality high, create informative and unique product descriptions, create a strong call to action in your ad copy, and be transparent about commissions and fees. Don’t rely entirely on paid ads to drive sales.

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