The Top Fitness Affiliate Programs to Start With

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You have this brilliant idea of starting a personal training business on the side. You’ve already dipped your toes into that world by volunteering to help people get fit, and you know it’s something you can do as an official job. As an added bonus, it will also bring in some side income, which will leave you with more money to put towards your mortgage, savings account, or a new car – whichever financial goal is most pressing for you at the moment. Yes! You read that correctly: This article won’t be talking about how much money you can make as an affiliate marketer or how many sales you can drive from home offers. Instead, we’ll be focusing on the side hustle of becoming a fitness affiliate marketer and what programs are best to get started with.

Finding the Right Affiliate Program for You

Before you can start marketing fitness products and services, you need to choose the best program for you. Taking a few moments to make a list of what you’re looking for in an affiliate program is a great way to narrow down your options. Let’s go over the most important factors to consider. – Amount of commission – Make sure the program you choose offers enough commission to make it worth your while. Ideally, you’ll want to be earning at least 20% as an affiliate marketer. – Program focus – Some affiliates are more focused on diet and nutrition, while others are more focused on exercise and fitness. Choose a program that fits well with your interests and is something you can build a long-term relationship around. – Affiliate tools – Affiliate programs often provide tools to help you build your online presence and find new customers. You’ll want to make sure the program you choose has everything you need to succeed. – Program reputation – You’ll also want to choose a program that has a good reputation within the industry. You’ll look better if you’re affiliated with an established program, and it will make customer service and support easier, too.

What is a fitness affiliate?

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll earn money by selling other companies’ products. In the fitness affiliate world, that usually means selling health and wellness products. To do this, you’ll first find products that fit the industry you want to work in. You’ll then create a website or social media campaign and use your audience to drive sales to the product. When someone buys the product using your special affiliate link, you’ll get a commission for that sale. Affiliates need something to sell, of course. Most fitness affiliates sell online courses and e-books, apparel, or gym equipment and accessories. If you’re interested in fitness, these products are easy to sell because people are interested in improving their health, and fitness is a great way to do that.

The Best Fitness Affiliate Programs to Start With

With all the factors we just went over in mind, here are some of the best fitness affiliate programs to consider when starting out: – Amazon Associates – One of the most common affiliate programs and probably the most recommended for beginners, Amazon Associates is focused on selling just about everything. You can start with their free program and build up your traffic as you go. – Beachbody Coach – Beachbody Coach is a premier affiliate program affiliated with celebrity fitness trainers like P90X creator Tony Horton. You can earn big commissions on sales of live coaching calls and other products like Shakeology. – Fitness Gram – Fitness Gram is a nutritional program with a focus on plant-based nutrition and clean eating. You can get started with their free program and earn a commission on any sales you make. – Shopify – Shopify is one of the most flexible affiliate programs online. You can promote just about any kind of product, even if it doesn’t necessarily fit into the fitness niche. Shopify is especially popular with people looking to promote ecommerce products. – The Mini-Myth Affiliate Program – If you want to go for a niche affiliate program, The Mini-Myth Affiliate Program is a great option. This program is focused on promoting the Mini-Myth knee rehabilitation device.

Final Words: Don’t Forget to Set Financial Goals

As you’re getting ready to start your fitness affiliate marketing journey, make sure you have financial goals. We recommend setting financial goals that cover multiple areas of your life: get a handle on your finances, start an emergency fund, and begin saving for retirement, too. Once you’ve set your financial goals, you can start working towards them with your side hustle and new fitness affiliate program. Affiliate marketing isn’t an easy way to make quick cash, but it’s a great way to build a sustainable long-term business.

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