Will A Universal Remote Work With A Roku?

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If you have a Roku, then chances are good that you’ve also got at least one other device connected to it. Maybe it’s an audio receiver with its own remote control, or maybe it’s just another streaming device such as a Chromecast. Whatever the case, being able to control your Roku from a single remote is extremely convenient. Whether you want to use the same remote for inputs on both devices or simply prefer the convenience of having just one remote, there are universal remotes designed specifically for home theater devices like your Roku. However, that doesn’t mean these universal remotes will work with any model of Roku. Read on to learn about how universal remotes work and whether or not yours will be compatible with your specific model of Roku.

What Is A Universal Remote?

Universal remotes are devices that allow you to control multiple devices from a single remote control. A universal remote allows you to use the same remote to control devices such as Roku, your TV, cable box, soundbar, etc. From a single remote, you can power on/off your devices, change the volume, change the channel, switch inputs, and do almost everything else you can do with a standard remote. Universal remotes come in two varieties: those that are “programmable” and those that utilize “learning” technology. Programmable remotes are programmed with codes to control specific devices. For example, you might have a programmable remote that controls your TV and cable box. You program the remote to control both devices by entering a code into the remote that tells it how to work these devices.

How Do Universal Remotes Work?

Universal remotes are able to control multiple devices because they have a library of codes that can be used to communicate with various devices. A code tells a remote to send the appropriate signal to a device so that it responds in a particular way, such as turning on or changing the volume on a soundbar. When you need to control one of your devices, you select it on the remote using the appropriate button. The remote then sends a signal to the device using the code associated with that device. The signal is received by the device and then executed, causing the device to perform the task for which it was designed.

Which Brands Make Roku-Compatible Universal Remotes?

There are several brands of universal remotes that are compatible with Roku devices. These include Logitech, Roku, and Amazon. Roku includes a remote control with each and every Roku device, but the remote is not a universal remote. It doesn’t control any device other than your Roku device. Logitech offers both programmable and learning remotes that are compatible with Roku devices. Amazon offers a remote control similar to the Roku remote that is compatible with all Roku devices.

How To Find Out If A Universal Remote Works With Your Roku?

If you already own a universal remote and want to know if it works with your Roku device, then there are a few ways to check. Some universal remotes include a code chart that lets you know which codes work for which device. If your remote has a code chart, then it’s worth checking to see if your Roku device is included. Alternatively, you can search for your Roku model number on the website of the brand that manufactured your remote. Once you’ve located your model number, you’ll usually find a list of compatible universal remotes under “Compatible Devices.”

7 Best Remote Options For Roku That Everyone Can Enjoy

We’ve discussed the advantages of using a universal remote with your Roku device and the different brands that offer universal remotes. Now let’s discuss some of the best remotes available. The Logitech Harmony Elite ($249) is a premium remote that works with Roku devices and many other devices. The remote comes with a touchscreen and a built-in microphone. The Logitech Harmony Elite uses a technology called “activities” that allows you to program one button to control an entire series of tasks. For example, you can program one button to turn on your Roku device, change the input to HDMI, lower the volume on your soundbar, and launch Netflix or your other streaming app. The Logitech Harmony Elite boasts a “Smart Home” feature that allows you to control your lights, thermostat, and other smart home devices. This remote is designed for people who have more devices than they can reasonably control from a single remote and want the convenience of a single, easy-to-use remote.

Harmony Elite

The Logitech Harmony 650 ($149) is a more affordable alternative to the Harmony Elite. It uses a similar “activities” feature, allowing you to program one button to control multiple devices. This remote also features a built-in microphone and the ability to control smart home devices. The Harmony 650 is smaller than the Harmony Elite, making it a good choice for smaller hands.

Logitech Harmony Touch and Hub Based Models

The Logitech Harmony Touch ($149) and the Logitech Harmony Hub based models are very similar to the Harmony 650. The Touch model comes with a touchscreen, while the Hub based models don’t. The Harmony Touch is a good choice if you want a touchscreen remote and prefer the Logitech brand. The Harmony Hub is a good choice if you have a lot of smart home devices and prefer a hub-based remote. While the other Logitech models connect to your devices using Bluetooth, the Harmony Hub connects using Wi-Fi.

Bottom Line

A universal remote is a great choice for anyone who has multiple devices connected to their Roku device. Whether you’re using a smart TV, an Amazon Fire TV device, or another model of Roku, a universal remote can make it easier to control your devices. Not only will a universal remote allow you to control multiple devices with a single remote, but you can also customize it to your own preferences for added convenience. With so many different models available, you’re sure to find one that works for your home theater setup.

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