How to Create the Perfect Work-From-Home Bedroom: wfh bedroom setup

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The work-from-home trend is growing, and more people than ever are telecommuting or working remotely. If you have the ability to work from home, you’ll need a dedicated space that’s comfortable, private and ideal for getting things done. The perfect home office or dedicated workspace doesn’t just appear overnight. It takes some planning, strategizing and thoughtful execution to create a productive home office that meets all of your needs. The good news is that with a little planning and strategic thinking, you can create the perfect work-from-home bedroom in no time at all!

Identify the purpose of your workspace

Before you do anything, you should identify what the purpose of your work space is. Will you be doing a lot of typing? Will you be making calls? Are you creating content? Take a moment to figure out what your daily work tasks are so that you can tailor your space to suit your needs. This will help you stay organized and help you stay focused when you’re in your work space.

Decide on a layout

Once you’ve identified the general purpose of your space, it’s time to figure out the layout. How will your desk be set up? What will be in easy reach of your chair? What will be out of sight? A little bit of forethought into the layout of your space will go a long way in helping you stay organized and maintain a high level of productivity.

Lighting is key

If you work in an office, the lighting is probably controlled for you. But when you work from home, you’re in charge of the lighting in your space. A good rule of thumb is to make sure there’s a balance between natural sunlight and artificial light. You want to make sure that the room is bright enough to work comfortably but not so bright that it’s difficult to concentrate.

Get a great chair

Chances are, you’ve spent a ton of time in your favorite chair. When it comes to work, a good chair is essential to your comfort and productivity. Make sure that your work chair fully supports your entire body – from your back down to your legs. A good ergonomic chair will allow you to maintain good posture and should even come with a footrest. If you spend a significant portion of your day in a chair, don’t skimp out on the purchase. You’ll be glad you did.

Find the right color palette

In an office setting, you might want to consider a muted color palette to keep things professional and subdued. But when you work from home, it can be a little bit more relaxed. It’s a good idea to select a color palette that inspires you and makes you happy. This will help keep you motivated and help you stay focused on what you need to do. If you need help deciding on a color palette, look at images of your favorite places. What colors do they use? Those are the colors you should use in your home office.

Don’t forget storage

You don’t want to work in a space that’s messy and unorganized. Having plenty of storage in your home office will help keep things tidy and help you stay focused on what you need to do. If you don’t have the space or budget for a large home office, don’t worry! You can DIY a home office using just a wall and some shelving. Make sure that you have plenty of storage for all of your work-related materials, as well as things like books, pens, etc.

And finally, don’t be afraid to experiment

Your home office is your space. You shouldn’t feel like you have to stick to the traditional office layout or color palette or anything else that you don’t want. If you want to paint your walls a bright blue and have a neon pink desk, go for it! Making your home office feel like home will help you stay comfortable and focused. You should also experiment with different layouts and configurations. See what works best for you, your work flow and your space.

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